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Year: 1936

Starring: Noor Jehan, Suraiya, Surendra, Zahoor Raja, Anwari, Leela Mishra, Anwari Begum, Bhudo Anvari, Murad

Producer : Mehboob Productions Ltd.

Director : Mehboob Khan

Music Director : Naushad

Lyrics : Tanvir Naqvi & Anjum Pilibhity

Songs :

1. Awaz De Kahan Hai - Noor Jehan & Surendra (Lyrics: Tanvir Naqvi)

2. Kya Mil Gaya Bhagwan - Noor Jehan (Lyrics: Anjum Pilibhity)

3. Mere Bachpan Ke Saathi - Noor Jehan (Lyrics: Tanvir Naqvi)

4. Jawan Hai Mohabbat - Noor Jehan (Lyrics: Tanvir Naqvi)

5. Aaja Meri Barbad Mohabbat - Noor Jehan (Lyrics: Tanvir Naqvi)

Film Synopsis :

A love-triangle with reformist overtones set partly in Bombay. Impoverished hero Chander (Surendra) and rich heroine Lata (Noor Jehan) are childhood sweethearts separated when Lata's parents move to Bombay. Later Chander moves there when his rich friend Prakash (Zahoor Raja) finds him work in a musical instruments shop. By then, Lata has become a famous poetess going by the name of Renu and is engaged to Prakash. Lata's friend Basanti (Suraiya) falls in love with Chander but he remains true to his childhood girl and walks away into the sunset (with Basanti running after him). Although Mehboob made other triangular romances (Hum Tum Aur Woh - 1938, Najma - 1943 etc.) this film started his investigation of patriarchy, shown as masquerading under 'eternal' values (Anokhi Ada - 1948, Andaz - 1949). The film deploys a strident rhetoric about class divisions, opposing poverty to eternal human(ist) values such as friendship and love. Languorous gesture and a romantically lit neo-classical decor are used to suggect femininity. Musical hits include Noor Jehan's best known songs e.g. Awaz De Kahan Hai (with Surendra) and solos Mere Bachpan Ke Saathi, Jawan Hai Mohabbat.

- Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema - Ashish Rajadhyaksha & Paul Willemen - New Revised Edition 1999







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