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Year: 1942

Starring: Noor Jehan, Pran, Manorma, Ghulam Mohammad, Ajmal, Durga Khote

Producer : Pancholi Pictures (Lahore)

Director : Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi

Music Director : Ghulam Haider

Lyrics : Dr. M D Taaseer

Songs :

1. Mere Liye Jahan Mein - Noor Jehan

2. Too Kaunsi Badli Mein Mere Chand Hai Aaja - Noor Jehan

3. Hum Khelenge Aankh Mein Choli - Noor Jehan

4. Aa Gaya Mere Baagh Ka Mali - Noor Jehan

5. Maar Gayi Re - Noor Jehan

6. Udja Udja Panchhi Udja - Noor Jehan & Ghulam Haider

7. Chalo Panya Bharn Ko Chaliin – Noor Jeha & Shamshad

8. Bolo Bolo Mere Mann Ka Panchhi – Noor Jehan

Film Synopsis :

Written by Anarkali author Imtiaz Ali Taj and made in Pancholi's Lahore studio, this was mainly a Noor Jehan musical about a man seduced by a gold-digging woman, who then kills her and her lover is jailed. When he is released, he finds employment as a gardener and becomes a father-figure to his employer's son Anwar and to Anwar's fiancee Zeenat (Noor Jehan). This allows him to prevent Anwar from perpetuating precisely the same crime for which he had been jailed as history repeats itself because, so the film alleges, men are constantly threatened by women and only paternal wisdom can save them from the untoward desires of women. Future directors Ramesh Saigal and S. K. Ojha assisted on this film.

 Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema - Ashish Rajadhyaksha & Paul Willemen - New Revised Edition 1999.






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