Published on 22 December 2009


Mr & Mrs Bombay


Year: 1936
Starring: Baby Noor Jehan, Zubeida, Jaal, Marchant, Chanda Bai
Producer :
Director : Nano Bhai Wakil
Music Director : Master Imam Baksh
Lyrics : Moti Lal Misra
Songs :
1. Bidhaata ki ye dunia mein - Baby Noor Jehan


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Dedicated to Priya

Priya Gainneos

We are a group of volunteers trying to make a site in honour of Madam Noorjehan probably the greatest singer-actress ever to grace the silver screen. It is dedicated to the memory of one of Madam's biggest fans the late Priya Gainneos. Priya, we are sure you are up there listening to Madam live in heaven. May your soul rest in peace and May God give your family and friends the strength to bear the loss. We can never forget you.Thanks a lot to the Hamaraforums founders for making this dream of Priya (to have a site in honour of madam) come true.

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